Friday, 29 June 2012 Shop Locally

Matakana Farmers Market
It was a cold, bleak morning today but we got out of bed earlier than usual and headed to our local farmers market. It was bustling with customers, stall holders, musicians and teenage girls who had set up a dog-minding service for shoppers. People clustered round the outdoor fireplaces, warming their hands on cups of free trade coffee and hot chocolate. 
  It was all good-spirited and friendly. Growers gave away free samples of their organic produce and were, as always, happy to chat to customers about the provenance of their food.
  It was hard to choose what to buy, there was such a range of delicious goodies. I filled my shopping bag with sour dough bread from the artisan baker, gouda cheese from a local cheesemaker, mustard and pickles from the home-produced condiments stalls, and lots of fresh vegetables that had been picked only last night. Oh, and a container of nuts and seeds, a bottle of macadamia nut oil, and a bottle of verjuice from a boutique vineyard.
  It felt good to come away from the farmers market knowing I had supported local producers, had bought organic vegetables, and had the makings of a fresh and healthy lunch. Yum!

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