Wednesday, 20 June 2012

... to Celebrate the Winter Solstice

Keep Warm for Winter Solstice
Down here at the bottom of the world it is the Winter Solstice today. The sun is at its northernmost point, denoting the longest night and the shortest day. The day has been a mix of rain and sun - as I'm writing this a huge rainbow is arcing the sky.That's always a good omen, isn't it?
  I had thought we'd have friends around for a hearty dinner of roast pork, then spend the evening in front of the fire, playing Trivial Pursuit. But I'm afraid this unsettled weather has caught up with me and I have a bad cold. So the only celebrating I'll be doing tonight is sitting in front of the fire with a hot water bottle and a box of tissues!
  But that's OK. Because now we are on the halfway mark of the year, and it's all downhill to summer!

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