Wednesday, 13 June 2012

... to Click for Good

Donate rice to the World Food Programme by clicking your computer mouse
If you're like me, you'll spend time playing games on your computer - Freecell, Mahjong, Solitaire. I find it relaxing and a way of being 'in the moment'.
  Now I've found a new on-line 'game' that is just as relaxing but does good for others at the same time. Plus you learn something each time you play. So it has that 'feel good' factor and the satisfaction of knowing that you've helped someone and enriched your own life as well. All it takes is for you to click!
  It's a website called Free Rice, run by the World Food Programme. Each time you get a right answer to a question, you donate 10 grains of rice. Ten grains doesn't sound like much, but they soon add up into the thousands the more you play.
  You choose which subjects you want to play. My favourite is 'Famous Paintings' closely followed by 'English Vocabulary'. I learn something new each time as I progress through the levels.
  I thought I had a reasonable knowledge of world geography, that is until I tried playing the 'World Capitals' category. My stars, I hadn't heard of some of the countries let alone the capital cities! All those obscure African states which change their names every so often and the plethora of European ones that end in 'zistan' really confused me.
  Do you know which country has Bujumbura as its capital? Go to Free Rice to find out!

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