Wednesday, 4 July 2012

... to Look at Old Photographs

Old Photographs Bring Back Memories
I am fascinated by the link between photographs and memory. If we didn't have photos to remind us of people or places or events, would we remember them?
  I've been sitting in front of the fire and looking through a shoe box of old photographs from my early childhood.  Pulling out a handful of the small, deckle-edged, black and white pictures, spreading them out on the floor around me, and remembering funny stories I haven't thought of for many years.
  I was about four years old when this photo was taken. I remember I was at my grandmother's house. She dressed me up in her petticoat and pearls, and pinned a piece of gauzy material over my head as a veil. Voila - a beaming child bride!  
  The hour I've spent with this pile of old photos has been a great way to remember the lovely times of my childhood. It has been a true joy.

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