Sunday, 3 June 2012

... to Look Up!

Wonderful Cloud Formations
I had been inside all day today, hunched over the computer writing a short story. It wasn't until late afternoon that I put on a jacket and scarf and ventured outside for a walk. I had gone halfway around the block, deep in thought, puzzling over my story's ending, before I really looked up - and saw this beautiful sky!
  Wonderful cloud formations always remind me of my grandmother. She used to love looking at the sky and would always comment on the colours and the clouds.
  It was while I was taking this photo that a memory of a book I had read as a child flashed into my mind. It told how Robin Hood and his band of merry men were such successful robbers because they used to hide, unseen, up in the trees. And most people, when going about their daily lives, look down at where they are walking or straight ahead. They don't look up.
  So if you are walking along preoccupied with your thoughts, or are texting as you go, or are trudging to the bus stop, or are hurrying down a busy city street, hemmed in by tall buildings, pause a moment ... and look up!

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