Friday, 8 June 2012

... to Walk a Different Path

I've been thinking about where I walk every day - always through the park and then up to the shops, or round the block, or down to the main road and back up the walkway, or along the ridge road, or down the new road and back up the hill. 
  I like going through the park. There are often children on the playground,  families having picnics, kids testing their skill on the skateboard ramp, or people walking dogs. Sometimes I meet others I know to exchange hellos as we step aside to let each other pass on the narrow footpath.
  I like to see the changes in the park as the months go by and watch the birds and butterflies that swoop among the bushes and trees.
  Today, I headed off in a new direction, out into the countryside. The sun was casting low shadows across the hills, the wind was cold, but I delighted in the different view as I walked a different path. 

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