Wednesday, 1 May 2013

... to Celebrate May Day

May Day at a Munich beer garden
In New Zealand, the first day of May comes and goes without any fanfare.  But I am in Germany now and finding that May Day is a cause for celebration.
It's been a very long, hard winter in Europe. Now spring flowers are bursting into vibrant blooms, the blossom trees are laden and the trees have bright, light green leaves.
May Day is a holiday and has traditions to celebrate this burst of new life - music, meeting with friends, drinking and picnicking outdoors.
We joined hundreds of others in the park and at the beer garden. There was an 'oompah' band playing, the food stalls were busy selling huge pretzels, pork knuckles and many types of sausages and little children were queueing up for a turn on the carousel.
Another tradition is dancing round the maypole. There was a maypole at the beer garden, but no one was dancing round it. I  think they were all too busy eating, drinking and enjoying the company of family and friends.
It's been a lovely day.
The 'oompah' brass band in traditional Bavarian costume

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