Monday, 4 March 2013

... to Learn Something New

At the End of the Day

 'Make every day a school day,' says my friend Sue. 
  And she's right. In this wide, wonderful world there are so many fascinating people, plants, and animals; words, ideas, and plans; structures, inventions and technologies; books, movies, art and music to discover. So much to keep you excited about learning!
 At the end of each day I like to spend a few minutes reflecting on what has happened over the intervening hours and what new things I have learnt. 
 And today, while reading a gardening book, I came across a word, a lovely word, I hadn't heard of before.  Miz-maze.
 A miz-maze is a labyrinth made out of turf. Or a state of confusion! Which led me to look on websites about labyrinths and Iron Age forts and the difference between a maze and a labyrinth (labyrinths have a continuous path and no dead ends) and Druids and centuries old school traditions in Winchester and ... in fact I was in a virtual Google miz-maze.
 You can tell I love research, can't you? What new thing did you learn today?


  1. Hi Wendy! Well, so far, I learned about Miz-maze! But the day isn't over yet. No, though, seriously, I do love to learn things. Lately, I've thinking of learning to paint some of Donna Dewberry's flowers. I have a book of hers and I have brushes and paint and everything I need. So, I will give it a try as soon as I return from the library. Have a lovely day though you're probably still sleeping unless you're an early riser which I wish I were.

    1. Hello, Lucille.I'd love to learn to paint flowers too. Let me know how you get on.