Monday, 30 July 2012

... to Help Others

Knit or Crochet for Charity
Connections between people build in many ways - personal friendships, relationships, people you know by sight, internet acquaintances, and communities of like-minded people with shared interests.
   I am one of over 3000 people in 35 countries round the globe who are connected, literally, by a thread. And that woollen or acrylic thread may be any one of any number of colours.
   You see, we all knit or crochet for the charity Knit a Square. All our threads form thousands of squares, 8 inches by 8 inches in size, which are posted to South Africa. And all these squares are sewn up by volunteers to make blankets in a kaleidoscope of colours and a riot of patterns for abandoned babies, orphans and other children in need.
   Knit-a-Square post photos on their website showing the children's delight when they are wrapped in their bright blankets, or wearing their beanies or holding their toys this worldwide community of knitters and people who crochet have made for them. Seeing the kids' smiles and knowing that they will be warm and have something special 'just for themselves' brightens my day too.
   You may not knit or crochet, or you might like to help a charity closer to home. So here's my challenge. What can you do to help others?

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