Sunday, 24 March 2013

... to Have Fun With 'Giggle' Translate!

I have spent many happy hours lately planning our trip to Europe. And part of the fun has been reading the translations into English of websites in other languages. In fact I have renamed 'Google Translate' as 'Giggle Translate'.
  The flowery English hypes up the hotels and locations into flights of fantasy. Sometimes the translations are completely impenetrable; sometimes they are laugh-out-loud hilarious. Here are some examples to bring a smile to your day. See if you can guess what they're about!

  1. 'The innumerable traditional settlements outspread all over the impeccable natural scenery in combination with the unique mentality of the hospitable inhabitants compose the unparalleled amalgam of excellence.' 
  2.  'Watch your next 3 ride options to a selected compound will always find on my path.'
  3.  'The area has limited traffic, you can still get under the Hotel to download the pack, then it will be our care to send fighters to the plate for the transition took place.'  
  4. 'To tinker the canopy for the bedtime story is the purest breeze.'
  5. '... to feel smitten by the exquisiteness of this metropolis.'

 And the answers are....
  1. A region in Crete
  2. Booking a ticket on German rail
  3. Arranging valet parking at an Italian hotel
  4. In the catalogue for the children's section of a German department store
  5. A town in Italy
I  love it!


  1. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this. Everyday I encounter stuff like this when using google translate.

    1. It certainly made my research fun, Lucille!