Thursday, 11 October 2012

... to Reuse and Repurpose - Make a Lantern

Repurpose coffee jars as lanterns

I love Moccona coffee - mmmm! - and seem to have amassed a collection of the glass jars the coffee comes in. I use some in my pantry as storage jars, have given several away to a friend, and still have a pile in the cupboard.
   So today I had a play with some jars, some twine and cans of spray paint. I wound the twine around the clean, empty jars in a random pattern and then spray painted them. When the paint had dried, I peeled off the twine. I popped a tea-light candle in each and the jars were ready to use - as lanterns.
Wrap the jar in twine and spray-paint
Total time - 5 minutes. Total cost - about 20 cents. Total effect - very cool!
   I think I'll make wire holders for them and hang the lanterns in the trees around the garden at Christmas. They'll be so pretty!

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