Friday, 25 May 2012

... to Write a Note to a Friend

The Hand-Written Letter
It is so quick and easy to send an email or text message to a friend, isn't it? But my computer has been hiccuping and doing strange things the last few days and is now in the repair shop.
  Today I wanted to connect with a friend to let her know how much I admired her art work. So I took the time to communicate the old-fashioned way - I wrote a note.
  I had forgotten the pleasure of selecting a pretty card, choosing a pen, addressing an envelope. The very act of writing by hand made me think more carefully about the message I wanted to convey.
  It's a shame the art of letter writing, of putting pen to paper, is becoming lost in this age of technology. Think of all the hand-written ephemera in museums and libraries around the world. How we can, by accessing these treasures, still read the letters Napoleon wrote to Josephine when he was on campaign, the sonnets of Shakespeare scribbled with a quill pen on parchment, the illuminated manuscripts painstakingly written by monks hunched over their desks in their monastery's scriptorium.
  An email printed out on A4 copy paper doesn't have the same appeal, does it?

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