Tuesday, 29 May 2012

... to Watch the Birds

The New Zealand Native Wood Pigeon (keruru)
The native wood pigeons are back! I heard the noisy 'swoosh, swoosh' of wings and looked out to see four gorging themselves on the fruit of the guava tree. They'll provide me with hours of entertainment now for a couple of weeks, till they have stripped the guava trees and moved on to ... who knows where.
  With their large, plump bodies and broad white chests they look like the avian equivalent of cuddly teddy bears. They are so heavy that when they land in trees the branches bend alarmingly. I always expect to hear the creak and crack of breaking wood.
  The Maori name for the handsome wood pigeon is keruru or kukupa. I dashed outside to snap this photo of one while it was sitting still, taking a break from gulping down the guavas.

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