Tuesday, 15 January 2013

... to Appreciate Your Friends

An early twentieth century postcard
This postcard was sent by Beth to 'Dearest Edith' in September 1910. (The Rontgen Rays mentioned in the verse are the newly discovered X rays.) Beth is expressing her concern for her friend as she was when they last saw each other.
   'You did not seem to be so cheerful as before. I hope you are not worrying over anything, Dear, because I don't want you to.'
  Nowadays we are likely to make a phone call or send an email or put a message on Facebook. 
  Or perhaps you let the days and weeks slip by without making contact, assuming your friends will always be there and know that you appreciate them.
  How about taking the time today to make that call or send that email. Let each friend know how much she or he means to you. How each, in their own way, has added a glowing thread to your life.

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