Thursday, 10 January 2013

.. Life is Like Baking Cookies

Cookies = Life
I indulged in a spot of whimsical thinking today while I was baking chocolate chip cookies. And I came to the conclusion that daily life is like baking!

  • Some days all the ingredients blend perfectly and smoothly to produce an excellent result.
  • Some days you may be missing one ingredient so nothing turns out right.
  • Some days, no matter how hard you stir, the result will be uneven and full of lumps!
  • Some days the mixture may start out fine but crack or crumble at the end.
  • And some days, despite all your efforts, the mix will curdle!
So how has your day been today? Smooth, lumpy or turned to custard?!


  1. And some days everything seems too heavy so that one can't even lift the ingredients off the shelves. Days like that are best spent reading a good book, leafing through magazines, or looking at eye candy on the internet!

    1. That's exactly the kind of day I'm having today, Lucille!I'm alternating between reading & Pinterest & not much else!