Tuesday, 4 December 2012

... to Slow Down

A Dublin Bay Rose
Take the time today to slow down. 
  "But how can I slow down?" I know you're thinking. "It's nearly the end of the year. There's so much I have to get done before Christmas. I have to do this, this and this for work. Then there's the Christmas shopping and I haven't even thought about what we'll have for Christmas dinner. I don't have time to slow down."
  But when you're overstretched like this, and feeling pressured, and your 'To Do' list is growing by the minute, that is exactly the time you need to slow down.
  So rest for a few moments, clear your mind and focus on this rose that is growing over our cottage door. Imagine its sweet perfume. You know the old saying: 
     Take time to stand and stare. Take time to smell the roses.

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