Wednesday, 7 November 2012 Clear Out Possessions

Do we really need all our 'things'?
In the pursuit of a simpler life we have long had a rule in our house - if one thing comes in, one thing goes out. This usually applies to pieces of furniture and clothes. The local charity shops have benefited each time I've bought a new dress or top because I take my older ones to them.
   I have been inspired lately by this website - 365: A Daily Creativity Journal. People do all sorts of projects, completing and recording one task each day for a year. It might be making a piece of art, or taking a photograph, or building something or even, as one couple are doing, de-cluttering their house, one cupboard or one box at a time.
   That got me thinking and I started looking in our cupboards. I like to think I've got possessions pared down pretty much. I'm finding the older I get, the less I need to 'possess' things.
   But I do have a lot of craft materials and books and my husband has zillions of CDs. So we've had a great sort-out of those. Each time I picked up a 'thing' I'd think - Do I really need it? How long since I've used/looked at it? Can I live without it in my life?
   And most times the answers were no, I don't need it and yes, I can live without it.
   So we're taking those 'things' to a car-boot sale on Saturday morning and hopefully some other people will get pleasure from the bits and pieces we no longer need.

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