Tuesday, 7 August 2012

... to Look for Happy Omens

Double Rainbows Today
Not one, but two rainbows this afternoon! Can you see the second one, faintly at the left of the photo?
   Seeing them, I was reminded of the words of one of New Zealand's early pioneers. The Reverend Vicesimus Lush ( what a great name that is!), his wife, four children and their maid servant left England in 1850 to emigrate to this country. After a long, trying sea voyage he spotted the north coast of New Zealand - and a rainbow!
  In his journal, he records his excitement and delight:

 I beheld it under favourable circumstances and accompanied with what I took as a happy omen: ...  an exceeding brilliant rainbow arched the canopy of heaven and embraced the Island in its gigantic arc.

Imagine how pleased he would have been if he had seen today's double rainbow. An extra happy omen!

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